Brit Milah and Bat Simcha Celebrations

In Judaism, a Brit Milah is the circumcision of the baby boys on their 8th day. This act is the symbol of the covenant between each male and G’d. During this ceremony, the baby is welcomed into the Jewish community and is named in front of G’d. This act is followed by a community meal to celebrate the welcoming of the newborn as a Jew.

To facilitate the act, baby boys during the Brit Milah will wear a gown. Usually, these gowns are passed on from one generation to the next. They are also carried on a pillow from one person to the next (usually couples who cannot get pregnant to bring them luck and get a baby soon too), and a Sandak (the equivalent for the God Father of the baby who will be his spiritual coach) will hold the baby during the act.

While baby girls do not get circumcised, they still get named officially in front of G’d and the community on the first day the Torah is read after they are born (usually a Monday, Thursday or Saturday). A Bat Simcha is the joyous celebration for baby girls (as described in the name: Bat for Girl and Simcha for Joy).

It is customary to offer a gift for a Brit Milah or a Bat Simcha. It can also be given after the event, once the name has been announced to personalise the gifts and make them memorable.

Gift Ideas
for Brit Milot and Bat Smachot

Create your very own newborn gift hamper, with products personalized in Hebrew to make sure this gift is perfect for a Brit Milah or a Bat Simcha.

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