100th Day Celebration

This is an important celebration in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Some people may even tell you that the baby’s 100th day is more important that the baby’s 1st birthday!

In old time, both the baby and the mom were considered to be vulnerable during the first 100 days and were advised to stay home to avoid contracting diseases (and eat nutritious foods to recover fully for the mummy). This time alone at home was also important for the parents and baby to create a bond.

When the baby reached 100 days, the celebration was organised to thank the Gods but also, for the baby to meet the family for the first time. It was indeed the first time the baby was leaving the house.

During the celebration, the name of the baby will be announced officially. This is extremely important as the baby name will define the traits of character of the baby. Everyone will wear red clothes (black and white are to avoid as they are mourning colors).

Gift Ideas
for 100th Day Celebrations

Red is the sign of Happiness in the Chinese culture. The mommy and the baby wear red clothes on this special day. Also. the gifts that will be offered on the 100th Day Birthday should be mainly red.

- The gift of choice -