Baptism and Christening Celebrations

A Baptism or Christening is a joyous event in the Catholic Faith when people are introduced to Church and accept to follow the sacraments as ordered by the Christ. In the Catholic Church, Baptism is the ceremony that represents one of seven sacraments while the Christening is the naming part of the ceremony. However, nowadays, the terms Baptism and Christening are interchangeable. Anyone of any age can be baptized or christened, however this celebration is often associated to babies and young children.

Usually, babies will wear gowns that are passed on generation after generation for this special event. Heirloom that have a deep meaning with the family heritage can also be placed with the baby at the time of the ceremony.

Gift for these special celebrations should also be meaningful and something they will keep. Unique gifts that are personalised with the baby’s name or a Cross are perfect for the occasion.

Gift Ideas
for Christening and Baptism celebrations

Go for something meaning ful personalized with the baby's name. If you would like to have a Cross embroidered on the products, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

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