How to use a swaddle? (other than wrapping your baby!)

A swaddle can be used in many ways, and not only to wrap your little bundle of joy! That's why it's so useful and it is THE accessory to always carry with you.

Choose a soft organic cotton swaddle to make sure it is soft on baby's delicate skin. This product is one of the most practical and can be used in more than one way.

 To swaddle baby

When you swaddle your little one, he/she will feel snug and secure. It reminds baby when he/she was in mommy's womb. This practice will help your little one calm his/her mind to fall asleep more easily.

 As a nursing cover

mimi et lulu - large swaddle to use as a nursing cover
If you need some privacy with your baby, simply cover yourself and baby with a large muslin swaddle (120 cm x 120 cm is ideal). You will feel comfortable while being fashionable!


 As a stroller cover

mimi et lulu - swaddle for stroller cover
Drape the muslin blanket over the stroller to protect your little one from the sun. A soft organic cotton muslin is ideal to allow constant airflow, making a safe and breathable space for baby.


 As a tummy time blanket

mimi et lulu - swaddle for tummy time
Tummy time is one of baby’s first exercises and is very important! A large and soft swaddle to comfort baby's delicate skin (especially when baby's thighs are rubbing against the swaddle so much!) is perfect for baby to get an impromptu workout.


 As a burp cloth

The muslin fabric is a very durable fabric. You can wash it many times without impairing the quality of the fabric and it even gets softer after each wash. Simply, put the swaddle over your shoulder before you burp your baby.

 As a summer blanket

mimi et lulu - swaddle for summer blanket
It's a breezy summer evening, and it's becoming chilly outside! Take your softy swaddle to protect baby from the wind, and use it a light summer blanket to keep him/her warm.


How will you use yours? Let us know!

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