Baby Shower

The Baby Shower is a Western tradition held before the baby is born, usually close to the delivery date. It is called a baby shower because guests will "shower" the future mummy with lots of gifts to prepare for the arrival of baby.

Traditionally, it is celebrated only with the mom and her friends who will play games around the arrival of baby. The name or the gender of the baby may also be revealed during those games as an extra excitement! In some cases, similar to a bridal shower or bachelorette party, the baby shower will be organised by friends and family so the future mom does not have to organise and can rest, while still enjoying a fun party!

Gift Ideas
for Baby Showers

As the name says, let's start showering the mom-to-be with lots and lots of gifts!

Create your very own Gift Basket full of surprises that will please the future mom. If the name of the baby has been announced, make those gifts unique and memorable by embroidering the name on the gifts!

Tell us who this baby gift hamper is for, so we can help you find the perfect gift for this Baby Shower!

This suitcase is for a baby girl
This baby gift box is for a baby boy
This baby gift box is for a surprise baby

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