Step up your Christmas game with the best personalized Stockings

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Bring a little magic to your home for the holidays! Traditions are everything, and there is no Christmas without Christmas tree, without milk and cookies for Santa, and without Stockings! Whether they are hung next to the Christmas tree at night or Santa comes and bring them along many gifts during the night, it’s always a magical moment when we find them filled with pint-size gifts and sweet treats in the morning!

Today, we share with you Christmas Stockings that you will love to snuggle hug to! Cute and soft, yet super elegant, the mimi et lulu faux fur Stockings HERE COMES SANTA! can be customized with everyone’s names in the family. You can indeed add a nickname, a name or or initials to  avoid getting mixed up for the goodies!

Choose from five different colors: milk (white), candy pink (light pink), baby blue (light blue), cloud (grey) and or course the timeless Christmas red. And customize it with a printed name in gold color. 

A minimalist yet elegant and festive look with a mix of soft plush and cotton, these stockings will look great hanging next to the Christmas tree or on the mantel. They're sure to add a cozy aspect to your home for the holiday season.

Fill them with fun other personalized goodies such as the mimi et lulu customized bunny OH CUTIE, personalized pacifier holder CARRY ME, or a customized comforter BUNNY HUGGER or COOL OFF.

Happy Holidays!